November 7, 2021

Perfect Patience

Perfect Patience


Perfect Patience?


1 Timothy 1:15-16


  • Paul is saying that Jesus,’ __________ with our sin is ___________ or ___________ in endurance.
  • How would you live differently if you knew and understood that God has unlimited patience and mercy for you and your sins? _______________________________________________


  • If God’s mercy can extend to someone as sinful as Paul, surely it can reach ___________.


His kindness leads us to______________.


  • No matter what sin or temptations you may be dealing or struggling with, Jesus’ patience and mercy are unlimited toward___________.


  • We can find real and lasting forgiveness at the ____________.


  1. We should deeply know and understand the unlimited patience, mercy and grace of Jesus for us.
    1. I think will change the way we live.
  2. This kindness should lead us to repentance.