November 19, 2023

Obedient Disciple Making

Obedient Disciple Making

Obedient disciple making

  • Mark 3:13-15 Mark included that we have authority over demons. While being sent out to make disciples.
  • Luke 6:12-16

Verse 12 This scene starts Jesus’ process of making disciples.

  • It starts with Jesus praying. He prayed all night.
  • Step One in the disciple making process is to pray.

Verse 13 This verse confirms that he prayed all night.

  • After prayer, he chose from among his existing followers 12 to move up to the next level.
  • Step two is to invite. Invite the people who God showed you through prayer.
    • The invitation can be simple. Under promise then over deliver.
  • He didn’t chose these 12 from random strangers. He chose them from among the disciples who were already following Him. This step should not take 5 years.

Verse 16 A whole verse dedicated to telling us that Jesus Chose Judas.

  • Do you think when Judas betrayed Jesus it came as a surprise to Him?
  • Look at when Jesus called Nathanael John 1:46 also woman at the well; John 4:27-29
  • When Jesus called these 12 to be apostles, He knew that Judas would betray Him.
  • I am here to tell you, when you disciple people, they will betray you. It is going to happen. Plan for it.

Now we have to leave this passage to see the rest of the discipleship process.

  • The next step, step three we see Jesus use is
  • As you study what Jesus does, He mostly just spend time with them and models for them.
  • So often we think we must teach our disciple everything there is to know.
    • We just need to spend time with them and nurture them like Jesus did.
  • Step Three: nurture, spend time with and model.
  • The next step, step four, in the process that we see Jesus use is
  • The 12 turns into the 72. You have not made a disciple until your disciple has made a disciple.
  • Step five in the process is to release. Luke 10:1 Jesus now sends the 72 disciples out.
  • Look at what happened right before this. Luke 9:46 the disciples argue about who is the greatest.
  • Mark 9:17the Disciple fail to drive out a demon.
  • It’s important to release our disciples.
  • They may not be ready yet. That’s okay, they only need to be about 80% ready.

Then the final step, step 6 is debrief.

Luke 10:17-20 The 72 disciples return to Jesus with their reports. Even the demons submit to them.

Verse 20 Jesus gives them a stern warning to not rejoice that the demons submit.

  • But to rejoice that their names are written in heaven.
  • Salvation is more important than the miracles.
  • Pray discern: Invite: Nurture: Multiply: Release: Debrief.